Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy from Alaskan Creek Salmon?

A: When purchasing conventional store-bought sockeye salmon, you will encounter uncertainty. The product may vary, ranging from this year's catch to potentially including last years or even salmon that is up to two years old. Unless you are physically present on the banks of Bristol Bay, Alaska, it is almost impossible that you will encounter sockeye salmon fresher than what we offer. Additionally, when you buy from Alaskan Creek Salmon you are supporting two local Spokane fishermen!

Q: How is the Salmon processed?

A: We engage in the capture of salmon, after which our expert processing collaborators meticulously undertake the tasks of scaling, cleaning, deboning, and filleting the salmon. Subsequently, we employ flash freezing techniques to ensure the preservation of optimal freshness. The salmon is then transported from Bristol Bay, Alaska, to our warehousing facility located in Spokane.

Q: How will my salmon arrive?

A: Your salmon will be delivered to your address within a standard shipping container, complete with an insulated liner and ice packs. This meticulous packaging is designed to safeguard the pristine Bristol Bay Alaskan freshness of your salmon during transit.